Vision, Mission & Creed

Al Jazeera Finance Vision (AJF):

Pioneering of Islamic Finance Companies in Qatar.

Al Jazeera Finance Mission (AJF):

  • Business Growth by introducing innovative and digital financing solutions.
  • Build successful Partnership with Customers and Suppliers.
  • Compliance with Corporate Governance and Regulatory Authorities.
  • Effective contribution to Social Responsibility.

Al Jazeera Finance Creed (AJF):

  • Towards customers: Provide the best solutions to fulfill customer needs at high quality and affordable cost, and to react promptly and professionally to their demands.
  • Towards Shareholders: Achieve the expected and fair revenues and comply with the certified governance and transparency report.
  • Towards Suppliers: Share success with suppliers through enabling them to achieve suitable and fair profit.
  • Towards employees: Provide Equal opportunities in employment, growth and development, fair and adequate benefits and compensation, and a sense of job security and loyalty. Respect their diversity and dignity, appreciating their potential, and giving them the opportunity to share their suggestions and complaints. Secure the health care for them, select qualified leaders, and ensure that their actions are just and ethical.