Welcome to Al Jazeera Finance

In Nov 1990 , AlJazeera Finance has begun financing and went through several development and  improvement stages until it's became the first leading Islamic finance companies in the State of Qatar that participates with Pioneering Islamic financing shareholders.

 Al Jazeera Finance is also providing consumed products financing for both citizens and expatriates as retail or corporate (SME's) that enables our customers to take advantage of our four branches in Doha.

In addition to the main role of Al Jazeera in real estate anf car finaincing, we also provide other types of financing like: training and educational courses, travelling, Omra & Hajj trips & wedding ceremonies expenses, under well known Isalmic based transactions such as Murabaha, Musawama, Leasing, & Istisna'a.

And as a contribution from ALjazeera towards the economic boom that Qatar is facing and to support the 2030's vision.

The Small-Medium Enterprises is providing finance solutions that enable SME's to participate in business growth and improve economy strength.

Aljazeera finance is the first company enrolled in Al-Dhameen facility that Qatar Development Bank is providing and all our products either for retail or corporate is under continuous supervision and audit of Islamic committee members whom ensure that all dealings and products are according the Isalmic instructions.

Latest Update: Dec 09, 2015


  • Al Jazeera Finance conducted a training course in Sharia regulation.
  • Al Jazeera Finance participate in the second business Entrepreneur forum.
  • Al Jazeera Finance participate in information security conference.